Package Subscription without Credit or Debit Card

If you do not have a card to make payment online but you have an active bank account, do not worry, you can make payment for a subscription without having a credit or debit card

(1) Method 1 (Checkout system)

(a) Visit the Package & Pricing page by clicking

(b) Click on "Select Plan" on any of the plan you want to purchase - Note: you must be logged into the website to be able to proceed beyond this stage.

(c) When you click on "Select Plan" it take you to the "Cart Page"How to use Tailors Arena


(d)You will see to Payment Method (a) Debit/Credit Card (b) Direct bank Payment.

(e) The first option is to choose the direct bank payment method, and click on place order, make payment to the Tailors Arena's bank account send text/whatsapp/call to 09157454532 or end a mail to and your package will be activated

(f) The second option is to go ahead and click on the debit/Credit card option and click on place order On the Popup Payment Page you will see options like (a) Bank (b) Transfer (c) USSD

  • Bank: This will connect you to your bank  to make payment, this works for GTB, Wema/Alat, Gomoney, Kuda Bank, Sterling Bank, UBA and Zenith Bank

  • Transfer: This will enable you make transfer to a bank account and your subscription will be auto approved. 

Transfer Payment Method for Tailors Arena

  • USSD: this will provide USSD codes that will enable you make payment seamlessly

USSD Payment system for Tailors Arena

(g) When your package have been approved, you will get an email,   

(2) Method 2 (Direct Bank Payment)

This is the Direct Bank Payment method.

Bank: Access bank
Account Number: 1456409496,

After Payment please provide Sender Name, Package Paid for, Amount Paid and your email registered on to or whatsapp: 234(0)9157454532