Package Subscription on App

To pay for subscription on the Tailors Arena's Mobile app is very easy. 

(1) Click on the Top Left Menu Icon,, you will see a drop down of menu items

(2) Click on "Packages"

How to make payment on mobile

(3) Click on "Select Option" on any of the packages that you want to purchase, 

(4) Click on "InAPP Purchase", 

How to make payment on mobile


(5) A pop up box will display " Are you sure you want to do this" Click on "Confirm"

How to make payment on mobile


(6) You will be redirected to either "App Store" or "Google Play" Depending on the  device you are using, please follow the instructions to make the payment.

(7) If you were not able to make payments, It may be that your card is not activated for such transactions, do not worry, you can make payment on the website by visiting after making payment, you can return to the app and your subscription will be active. Click Here to see how to subscribe for a package on the website


  • if you are using Verve Card, you wont be able to subscribe directly on the App, Please subscribe through the website, your subscription will be active on the App.
  • Google Play And App Store Payment Gateways are international Payment Gateways and will only accept Cards that are authorized for international payments, but Verve Cards only works for Local Payment Gateways. if your Master and Visa card can not be processed then it is not activated for International Payments, you can either call your bank or subscribe on the website.

IF you do not have a credit or debit card and want to pay your subscription through bank transfer, please click here